Floribunda Roses

Rosa ‘Hot Cocoa’ (syn. ‘Wekpaltlez’) (Carruth 2003 / ( ‘Playboy’ x ‘Altissimo’) x ‘Livin’ Easy’) – What makes this such an amazing floribunda rose is simply the unusual flower colour – which some describe as  brownish-orange and others as a orange-red with smokey chocolate undertones. The 4″ wide blooms are darker in cooler weather and the shrub grows 3-4′ tall. Zone 5 hardy.

Rosa ‘Betty Boop’ (syn. ‘WEKplapic’) (Carruth 1999 / ‘Playboy’ x ‘Picasso’) – This 1999 AARS winner actually lives up to its cartoon character namesake with vibrant pale yellow fading to ivory blooms, edged in red. The 4″ wide flowers are semi-double and have a mild fruity fragrance. These grow on a well behaved shrub, averaging 3 to 5′ tall. Zone 5 hardy.

Rosa ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ (syn. ‘FRAntasia’) (Cowlishaw 1999 / ‘Summer Wine’ x Seedling from ‘Blue Moon’) – Many consider this rose to be the closest to a true blue available, although the deep smokey mauve flowers only seem to attain it when they are close to fading. This 2003 Rose of the Year (in England) grows 4-5′ tall, is moderately fragrant and thrives in our coastal climate. Zone 6.

Rosa ‘Sunsprite’ (syn. ‘Friesia’ / ‘Koressia’) (Kordes 1973 / ‘Friedrich Worlein’ x ‘Spanish Sun’) – This rose is on many top ten lists and is considered the best yellow floribunda out there, with its deep yellow fragrant blossoms. Winner of the Gamble Fragrance Award in 1979, ‘Sunsprite’ is low-growing (to 3′ tall) and features dark green foliage. Hardy to zone 5.

Rosa ‘Lavaglut’ (syn. ‘Lavaglow’ / ‘Intrigue’) (Kordes 1978 / ‘Gruss an Bayern’ x Seedling) – As the name implies, this rose has deep velvety red blossoms with ruffled petals – a favourite of Rosarians for the show tables. ‘Lavaglut’ has mild fragrance and it is an excellent short cut flower. Its compact size (grows to 3′ tall) makes it a good choice for growing in sheltered containers. Zone 5.

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