Witch Hazel II / Hamamelis

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold’s Promise’ – This hybrid witch hazel originates from the Arnold Arboretum and features fragrant, bright yellow blooms from January through to March. This cultivar is particularly floriferous, with even young specimens flowering quite heavily. ‘Arnold’s Promise’ grows 12-15′ high and is hardy to zone 5.

Hamamelis vernalis ‘Lombart’s Weeping’ – This Ozark witch hazel is a rare find with a weeping habit that forms a pendulous mound about 5-6′ high and 8-10′ wide. It bears fragrant orange-red blooms that are a bit small but also quite abundant – flowering from January to March. ‘Lombart’s Weeping’ also features clear yellow autumn tones and is hardy to zone 4.

Hamamelis mollis ‘Gold Edge’ – Witch hazels can be rather boring specimens in summer, but this variegated Chinese form features sage green foliage that is thinly edged in creamy-white. The intermediate sized bright yellow blooms are quite fragrant and borne from February to March.  ‘Gold Edge’ grows 8-12′ tall and is hardy to zone 6.

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Old Copper’ – This German selection of hybrid witch hazel bears unusual coppery-red blooms that upon close inspection are red with deep orange tips. These are have little or no scent and are borne from February to March over reddish-purple calyx cups. ‘Old Copper’ grows to heights of 12′ and is hardy to zone 5.

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Pallida’ – This cross between H. japonica and H. mollis bears unusual sulfur-yellow blooms, contrasted by reddish-purple calyx cups. The fragrant flowers usually appear sometime from January to March and are preceded by clear yellow autumn foliage tones. ‘Pallida’ grows to an average of 9-12′ high and is hardy to zone 5.

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