Evergreen Hellebores II

Helleborus x nigercors ‘Snow Love’ – A H. niger x H. argutifolius cross with large outward facing flowers that fade with a green tinge. This sturdy hybrid is reliably evergreen with thick leathery  foliage. ‘Snow Love’ is part of the Winter Magic Series and blooms from late winter into early spring. Grows to 16″ tall and is hardy to zone 5.

Helleborus x nigercors ‘Honeyhill Joy’ – A tissue-cultured niger x argutifolius hybrid with great vigour and unusual greenish-blue foliage that is evergreen. The creamy-white blooms (emerging from greenish buds) are abundant and outward-facing, with flower stalks rising as they open. ‘Honeyhill Joy’ grows to heights of 18″ and is hardy to zone 6.

Helleborus x ericsmithii ‘Winter Moonbeam’ – A striking cultivar with beautifully marbled evergreen foliage of dark green with contrasting silver veining. The creamy-white flowers are held on red stems and contrasted by yellow stamens. These eventually fade to pink, and then a bronze-red colour. ‘Winter Moonbeam’ blooms from February to April and is zone 6 hardy.

Helleborus x ballardiae ‘Cinnamon Snow’ – This cultivar is part of the HGC or Helleborus Gold Collection. It features large creamy-white blooms (3-3.5″ across), that fade with faint cinnamon-pink highlights (reverse is a cinnamon-rose colour). The glossy deep green foliage is also held on red stems. ‘Cinnamon Snow’ grows 15-18″ tall and is zone 5 hardy.

Helleborus x nigercors ‘Winter’s Ghost’ (syn. ‘Spring Breeze’) – A H. niger x H. argutifolius cross that is part of the HGC Helleborus Gold Collection. The outward facing creamy-white flowers (with a hint of green) are held on sturdy stems and emerge from dusky-pink buds. ‘Winter’s Ghost’ also has unusual foliage with a distinct silvery cast. Grows 18″ high and hardy to zone 5.

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