Evergreen Hellebores III

Helleborus x ericsmithii ‘Winter’s Bliss’ (syn. ‘HGC Champion’)       (Helleborus niger x Helleborus x sternii) – Another introduction out of Joseph Heuger’s Nursery in Germany which has been tissue-cultured, so all plants will be identical. The very large outward-facing flowers are creamy-white with a pink reverse. ‘Winter’s Bliss’ grows 15-18″ high and 24″ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

Helleborus lividus ‘Pink Marble’ – An attractive little Hellebore that has leathery green foliage with contrasting silver veining and reddish-pink stems. The smaller slightly pendulous flowers emerge from pink buds, opening to greenish-pink blooms contrasted by yellow stamens, with a rosy-pink reverse. ‘Pink Marble’ is only hardy to zone 8 and grows 12″ tall.

Helleborus niger ‘Josef Lemper’ – One of the HGC or Helleborus Gold Collection whose claim to fame is large upright blooms held on sturdy stems that stand well above the foliage. This tissue-cultured clone features very early (often end of November) white Christmas Rose flowers that fade to green. ‘Josef Lemper’ grows 15 to 18″ tall and is hardy to zone 4.

Helleborus x sternii ‘Silver Dollar’ (H. argutifolius x H. lividus) – An unusual little Hellebore with very attractive deeply serrated silver foliage held on pale pink stems. The mauve flower buds bear pale green blooms with a contrasting rose blush reverse. ‘Silver Dollar’ flowers from late winter into early spring and grows 14″ high. Hardy to zone 6.

Helleborus x ballardiae ‘Moonlit Marble’ ( H. lividus x H. niger) – An eye-catching foliar plant from Joseph Heuger’s Nursery in Germany. ‘Moonlit Marble’ features dark green foliage with silvery veining and burgundy-red leaf stems. The dusky pink buds open to large white flowers that fade to a coppery-pink. Grows to 14″ tall and hardy to zone 5.


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