Native BC Perennials

Viola sempervirens – Trailing Yellow Violet is often found in part to full shade in moist forest beds or along streams, where it can form dense mats. It features April to June yellow flowers with fine maroon whiskers or veining , borne over thick heart-shaped green leaves. Also known as Evergreen Violet, this species grows to about 3 to 4″ high and is hardy to zone 4.

Asarum caudatum – Western Wild Ginger is a semi-evergreen perennial that likes to grow in the shady acid soils at the base of conifers. It features large rounded leaves (lemon ginger scented) and bizarre trilobed urn-shaped flowers that are a deep maroon colour. Be sure to use some pet friendly slug bait around these plants. Grows 4 to 5″ high and hardy to zone 6.

Mimulus guttatus (syn. Mimulus langsdorfii) – An interesting Monkey Flower with bright yellow trumpet blooms with small reddish-brown spots borne from July to September. The mid-green leaves are coarsely toothed and this species likes to inhabit seepage areas and stream sides in part to full sun. It grows 12″ high by 20″ wide and is hardy to zone 6.

Camassia quamash – A perennial bulb that was eaten (once roasted) by the indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest. It features showy spikes of pale to dark blue flowers (occasionally white) from late spring into early summer over green strap-like basal leaves. This species readily colonizes when given even soil moisture. Grows 18-24″ high and is hardy to zone 4.

Sedum spathulifolium – A low-growing evergreen stonecrop often found on rock outcroppings and near beaches in full sun exposures. It features fleshy spoon-shaped leaves that are greyish-green with a white waxy blush, and reddish-purple highlights. This Sedum also has bright yellow blooms from July to August. Grows 4-6″ high and 16″ wide. Hardy to zone 5.


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