Echinacea / Coneflower

Echinacea purpurea ‘PowWow Wild Berry’ – A seed-grown Coneflower that won a coveted AAS Award in 2010, much in part to the fact that it flowers in the first year and continues to bloom even if it is not deadheaded. The deep rose-purple flowers are 3-4″ wide and the colour doesn’t fade even when the blooms get old. It also makes a good cut flower and grows 16-20″ high. Zone 4.

Echinacea x ‘Mac ‘n’ Cheese’ – A hybrid Coneflower with breakthrough bright golden-yellow 4″ wide blooms (with an orange and green cone) from mid to late summer. This 2009 Terra Nova introduction has struggled a bit in our wet coastal winters, but it will probably do just fine for drier interior gardens. ‘Mac ‘n’ Cheese’ grows 18-24″ high and is hardy to zone 4.

Echinacea x ‘Tomato Soup’ – When Terra Nova introduced this Coneflower in 2009 the promises of a truly red Echinacea were finally fulfilled. The 3.5″ wide blooms are nicely accented by brownish-orange cones and are borne from mid to late summer (even longer if you deadhead). This fragrant Coneflower makes a good cut flower and grows to 28-32″ high. Hardy to zone 4.

Echinacea purpurea ‘Coconut Lime’ – The first double Echinacea with balled green flowers (that fade to pale lime and develop an orange eye) surrounded by pendulous white ray petals. It has a compact growth habit and blooms from mid through late summer. The fragrance and sturdy stems also make them good candidates for cut flowers. Grows 24″ high and hardy to zone 4.

Echinacea purpurea ‘Pink Double Delight’ – Billed as a compact version of ‘Razzmatazz’, this newer cultivar was developed in the Netherlands and is quick to establish. The floriferous deep pink double pompom blooms (3″ wide) are surrounded by soft pink ray petals and held on strong stems. Like all Echinacea, it’s bound to attract the butterflies. Grows 18-24″ high. Hardy to zone 4.

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