Sweet Potato Vine / Ipomoea batatas

Ipomoea batatas ‘Tricolor’ – A tender annual used as a foliar accent in window boxes and containers. The individual leaves of ‘Tricolor’ are quite irregular but the bright white and pink variegation (on green) creates a striking overall presentation. The tubers can be dug at the end of the season and stored to start next year’s plants. Grows 6-8″ high by 24″ wide.

Ipomoea batatas ILLUSION MIDNIGHT LACEThe finely cut texture and trailing nature of the foliage makes this a good companion plant in hanging baskets. MIDNIGHT LACE has dark blackish-purple leaves and is best planted just as the soil warms. Being a Sweet Potato, it does produce an edible (but not tasty) tuber. Grows 6-10″ high by 24″ wide.

Ipomoea batatas ILLUSION EMERALD LACE – A great companion plant for MIDNIGHT LACE with deeply toothed foliage of bright lime green. EMERALD LACE has better vigor in full sun (in coastal gardens) but tolerates shade – although in hotter climates it will benefit and colour better with afternoon shade. Grows 6-10″ high by 24″ wide.

Ipomoea batatas ‘Blackie’ – The first of the foliar Sweet Potatoes made widely available, and the thin-lobed deep purplish-black leaves still hold their own amongst all the newer introductions. This is technically a tender tuberous perennial and will occasionally flower (in hot summers) with pink morning glory blooms (magenta eye). Grows 6-8″ high by 24″ wide.

Ipomoea batatas ‘Sweet Caroline Sweetheart Red’ – An unusual Ipomoea with heart-shaped to lightly trilobed leaves that emerge chartreuse, shift to greenish-bronze and mature to a rich burgundy. It also has contrasting reddish-purple midribs on the foliage. To overwinter store tubers in dry peat or vermiculite in a cool, dry place. Grows 6-8″ high by 36″ wide.

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