Spring-Flowering Camellias III

camfinlandia (300x292)Camellia japonica ‘Finlandia’ (syn. ‘Finlandia Alba’, ‘White Jordan’) – A Japanese camellia with pure white semi-double blooms which often sport with reddish-pink streaks or stripes. The flowers are early to mid season, have tapered petals and contrasting golden stamens. Like most camellias, it is best pruned after flowering. Grows 8-10′ high. Hardy to zone 7.

Camellia x williamsii ‘Donation’ (Camellia saluenensis x Camellia japonica ‘Masayoshi’) – This Award of Garden Merit winner was first introduced around 1941 and has remained popular ever since. It bears huge orchid pink semi-double blooms from March to April. These open very flat, exposing golden-yellow stamens. Grows 10′ high by 8′ wide. Hardy to zone 7.

Camellia japonica subsp. rusticana (syn. Camellia rusticana ‘Honda’) – A native of Honshu Japan with a Japanese common name of ‘yuki-tubaki’ or ‘snow camellia’. It features single blooms (recurved when fully open) of a rich red from April to May, with contrasting golden stamens. The flowers nicely compliment the glossy green foliage. Grows 8-10′ high. Hardy to zone 6.

Camellia japonica ‘Elegans Splendor’ (syn. ‘C.M. Wilson Splendor’) – A sport of Camellia japonica ‘C.M. Wilson’ introduced in 1969 by Paul Gaines Nursery of San Dimas California. ‘Elegans Splendor’ bears huge anemone-form flowers of pale pink petals edged in white, accented by a large frill of creamy yellow petaloids. Grows to 10′ high. Hardy to zone 7.

Camellia japonica ‘Jordan’s Pride’ (syn. ‘Herme’) – A beautiful specimen evergreen shrub with fragrant semi-double peony-form blooms of mid pink, heavily edged in white, with irregular darker pink streaks. Camellias like much the same growing conditions as rhododendrons, preferring rich acid soils with good drainage. Grows 6-10′ high. Hardy to zone 7.

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