Miniature Roses

Rosa ‘Lavender Crystal’ (Hitoshi 1985) (syn. ASAlav) – One of the most sought after miniature roses with sweetly fragrant lavender-mauve blooms that are about 3″ across. The flowers are fully double with scalloped petals and repeat bloom throughout the season. ‘Lavender Crystal’ grows well in containers and makes a good cut flower. Grows 18-30″ high. Hardy to zone 6.

Rosa RASPBERRY PUNCH(Zary 1999) (syn. JACbunch) – This miniature rose features rich raspberry pink outer petals with a lighter pink center on 6-8″ long stems. The 2″ wide flowers are lightly fragrant and self-cleaning, but repeat flower better when deadheaded. RASPBERRY PUNCH is a compact plant with a rounded growth habit. Grows 18-24″ high. Zone 6.

Rosa ‘Glowing Amber’ (Mander 1996) (syn. MANglow) – This cross of R. ‘June Laver’ and R. ‘Rubies ‘n Pearls’ has striking blooms of a deep scarlet red with curved petals and a gold reverse. They are borne singly or in small clusters and contrasted by glossy deep green foliage. It is often seen trained as a grafted miniature standard. Grows 18-24″ high. Zone 5.

Rosa BEHOLD (Saville 1997) (syn. SAVahold) – A very beautiful miniature with bright yellow flowers in a true double rose form (15-20 petals per bloom), with a lighter reverse. It has mild fragrance and is usually grown on its own roots. BEHOLD makes a good flowering groundcover or short informal flowering hedge. It grows 18 to 24″ high and is hardy to zone 6.

Rosa HOT TOMALE (Zary 1993) (syn. JACpoy) – Unusual bicolor flowers that change constantly, starting out as yellow-orange, fading with pink tones and finally ending as a pinkish-white flower. The individual fully double blooms are 1.5 to 2.5″ across and are usually borne in small sprays in our cooler coastal weather. HOT TOMALE grows 18 to 36″ high. Hardy to zone 6.

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