Hardy Fuchsia

Fuchsia hybrida ‘Santa Claus’ (Hazard 1988) – One of the more reliable hardy fuchsias with abundant small blooms with contrasting red sepals and white corollas – these are borne from early summer through to fall over deep green foliage with red stems. Hardy fuchsia are heavy feeders, so fertilize monthly when in bloom. Grows 2-3′ high by 3′ wide. Hardy to zone 7.

Fuchsia hybrida ‘Double Otto’ (Crawshaw 1993) – This hardy fuchsia features the large exotic flowers that we expect from the more tender types. It bears blooms of cherry-red sepals and a ruffled purple corolla with deep rose veining against dark green foliage. Be sure to water your hardy fuchsia in the morning in order to avoid rust. Grows 2-3′ high and wide. Zone 7.

Fuchsia magellanica ‘Aurea’ – The Golden Hardy Fuchsia has bright chartreuse foliage borne on contrasting rose-pink stems. The slender rose-red flowers have purple corollas and are produced in small pendulous clusters. The stems turn a deep magenta in fall and like most hardy fuchsias, it tolerates part to full sun in coastal BC gardens. Grows 2-3′ high. Zone 6-7.

Fuchsia hybrida ‘Brutus’ (Lemoine 1897) – Bred by the famous French horticulturist Victor Lemoine, ‘Brutus’ is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. This floriferous cultivar features bright blooms of cerise-red sepals nicely contrasted by a rosy-purple corolla. Leave dormant plants intact through winter and prune in early spring. Grows 2 to 3′ high. Hardy to zone 7.

Fuchsia hybrida ‘Island Sunset’ (Schwyn 1988) – This hardy fuchsia is often grown just for the foliage, which is an attractive greyish-green with creamy-white margins that are generously tinted in an exotic pink. The pendulous blooms of deep rose-pink sepals and purple corollas present themselves well in hanging baskets. Grows 12-18″ high by 18-24″ wide. Zone 7-8.

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