Spring-Tips Scotch Heather / Calluna vulgaris

Calluna vulgaris ‘Copper Splendour’ – This sport of ‘Manitoba’ features golden-orange foliage (bronze highlights in winter) with bright reddish-copper new growth in spring. ‘Copper Splendour’ has an erect growth habit and bears mauve flowers from August to September. Scotch heather prefers acidic soils with good drainage. Grows 16″ high by 20″ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

Calluna vulgaris ‘Spring Torch’ – The name practically says it all as the new spring growth of rose-red, pink and cream contrasts starkly against the medium green foliage below, which often takes on bronze tones from autumn through winter. ‘Spring Torch’ bears pale mauve flowers from August to October. The best foliar colour occurs in full sun. Grows 20″ high by 24″ wide. Zone 5.

Calluna vulgaris ‘Spring Cream’ – An RHS Award of Garden Merit winner with delightful cream spring tips that nicely compliment the bright green foliage below, with some bronze-green highlights in winter. The single white flowers are borne on long erect racemes from August to November, making ‘Spring Cream’ an excellent addition to the Alba garden. Grows 14″ high by 18″. Zone 5.

Calluna vulgaris ‘Red Fred’ – The unusual name comes from the fact that the original plant was found growing near a Calluna ‘Fred J. Chapple’ but with brighter new spring growth, hence ‘Red Fred’. The brilliant rose-red spring tips (with some cream) also last well into summer. Lilac-pink flowers are borne from August to September. Grows 14″ high by 18″ wide. Zone 5.

Calluna vulgaris ‘Spitfire’ – A compact Scotch heather with golden-yellow foliage that turns reddish-orange in winter, with contrasting red spring tips – in essence a very multi-coloured bush. ‘Spitfire’ bears pale mauve flowers from August to October. Some people prune their spring-tips Calluna in the fall instead of early spring. Grows 8″ high by 15″ wide. Zone 5.

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