Clematis II

Clematis ‘Niobe’ (Fisk 1975) – A highly popular cultivar with rich burgundy-red flowers (4-6″ wide) contrasted by yellow stamens that looks stunning when planted with white climbing roses. It prefers part to full sun and blooms June to September. As with all Clematis, they prefer to have their root structure shaded. Pruning group B or C. Grows 8-10′ high. AGM. Zone 4.

Clematis ‘Mrs. N Thompson’ (Pennell 1961) (syn. ‘Mrs. Norman Thompson’) – Almost garish but always eye-catching blooms of  a rich violet-purple with a rose-red bar – only for the bravest of garden designers. This compact vine flowers May to June and again in September, preferring part to full sun. A good choice for containers. Pruning group B. Grows 8-10′ high. Zone 4.

Clematis ‘Veronica’s Choice’ (Pennell 1973) – Raised from seed by Walter Pennell (and named for his daughter Veronica) this double flowering Clematis bears frilly blooms (up to 6″ wide) of white infused with subtle lavender undertones. Double flowers are borne in May to June, with singles in late summer. Pruning group B. Grows 8 to 10′ high. Hardy to zone 4.

Clematis ‘Haku Ookan’ (Esio Kubota 1957) – This older Japanese introduction bears deep violet (occasionally with a light silver bar) semi-double flowers from May to June, with single blooms again in September. ‘Haku Ookan’ is suitable for growing in containers, makes a good cut flower and is very free-flowering. It is a compact vine growing 6-8′ high. Pruning group B. Zone 4.

Clematis ‘Bee’s Jubilee’ (Bees 1958) – An RHS Award of Garden Merit winner with large blooms (6 to 8″ wide) of a pale mauve-pink with a prominent rose-red bar. This Clematis is very free-flowering and also makes a good cut flower. ‘Bee’s Jubilee’ works well in containers and is tolerant of partial shade exposures. Grows 6-9′ high. Pruning group B. Zone 4.

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