Low-Allergen Annuals (Less than 4 on the OPALS Scale)

Zinnia elegans ‘Queen Red Lime’ – This particular Zinnia is quite unique with its semi to fully double blooms of dusky rose outer petals, lime green inner petals and pale burgundy centers. These are borne on well-branched strong stems and make a long lasting cut flower. Zinnias should not be planted until late spring, when the soil warms. Grows 24-40″ high by 14″ wide. Tender Annual.

Lobelia erinus ‘Riviera Sky Blue’ – They have captured the colour of  a clear blue sky and painted it on the flower petals of this upright lobelia. The mounded growth habit makes it ideal as an edging plant for annual beds or for filling those small voids in mixed container plantings. It is best grown in part sun and fertilized twice a month. Grows 5″ high by 8″ wide. Annual.

Impatiens wallerana ‘Accent Star Mix’ – The 2″ wide blooms come in a mix of rose, violet, red and burgundy colours with each flower featuring a distinct contrasting white star on the face. While usually recommended for part to full shade, impatiens tolerate full sun here in coastal BC as long they receive even soil moisture. Grows 10 to 12″ high and wide. Tender Annual.

Viola cornuta ‘Penny Purple Picotee’ – One of the PENNY series, this quaint viola features white to pale purple flowers with darker edges, a yellow eye and black veining, contrasted by rich green foliage. Violas are great for early spring displays, as they thrive in the cool weather and can even be planted in fall (like winter pansies) in coastal BC gardens. Grows 4-6″ high and wide. Annual.

Solenostemon scutellarioides ‘Kong Mosaic’ – This coleus is part of the KONG series, which features massive leaves (about 8″ long) of lime green, with irregular streaks of burgundy and cream – making for a stained glass effect. It prefers full shade (to avoid scorch) and the insignificant flowers should be removed to maintain plant form. Grows 18-20″ high by 15-18″ wide. Tender Annual.

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