Canna Lilies / Canna x generalis

Canna x generalis ‘Cleopatra’ – This very old cultivar is a bit of a chimera with deep green foliage that sports irregular bronze-red variegation (sometimes just a streak, sometimes a whole leaf). The same applies to the flowers, which are generally a bright yellow with red spotting, again with irregular red streaks to an occasional red petal. Blooms July-Sept. Grows 3-4′. Zone 8.

Canna x generalis TROPICANNA GOLD (syn. ‘MACtro’) – This Canna Lily has bold leaves of bright green with contrasting gold ribs and striping which provide a dramatic backdrop for the mid orange flowers with bright yellow margins. The blooms are borne from summer to fall and this cultivar makes a bold solitary container specimen. Grows 4′ in pots and 5-6′ in ground. Zone 8.

Canna x generalis ‘Pink Sunburst’ – A South African introduction with pale salmon pink flowers (from late July to frost) and deep bronze foliage with translucent (looks beautiful when the sun shines through it) pink, gold and green striping. Canna Lilies can be used as temporary pond marginals, but cannot be overwintered in the water. Grows 30 to 36″ high. Zone 8.

Canna x generalis ‘Wyoming’ – A classic tall Canna Lily selection with deep burgundy-green foliage and bright orange blooms. Canna lilies are only marginally hardy here in coastal BC, usually only surviving in foundation beds or when heavily mulched. Most gardeners lift (after frosts) and store the rhizomes in a dark, frost free area. Grows 6-8′ high. RHS Award of Garden Merit. Zone 8.

Canna x generalis ‘Rosemond Cole’ (syn. ‘Rosamund Cole’, Rosemond Coles’) – A dwarf Canna Lily with intense reddish-orange blooms sharply edged in a bright yellow (late July-Oct) and green banana-like foliage. Most coastal BC gardeners start their Cannas indoors to get a head start, as our often cool summers can make for a late display. Grows 30″. Zone 8.


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