Hardy Water Lilies IV / Nymphaea

Nymphaea ‘Sunny Pink’ (Strawn 1997) – A changeable waterlily with peony-shaped flowers that emerge a bright grapefruit pink, shift to a peachy-pink and fade with a hint of pale yellow. The blooms are 6 to 10″ wide and mature plants hold their flowers well above the surface of the water. Contrasted by green foliage with reddish-purple blotches. 18-24″ water depth. 5-6′ spread. Z4.

Nymphaea ‘Gladstone’ (Richardson 1897) (syn. ‘Gladstoniana’, ‘Gladstoneana’) – This RHS Award of Garden Merit winner features white star-shaped flowers that fade with a hint of blush pink. They are 5-7″ wide and have slight fragrance. The up to 11″ wide leaves emerge with a bronze tint and mature to a deep green. 18-36″ water depth. 5-8′ spread. Hardy to zone 4.

Nymphaea ‘Madame Wilfron Gonnere’ (Latour-Marliac 1912) (syn. ‘Pink Gonnere’) – One of the older cultivars with double peony form flowers of soft pink that are darker in the center (or base of the petal) and contrasted by bright yellow stamens. It flowers June to September and tolerates partial shade. Up to 10″ wide green leaves. 12-24″ water depth. 4-5′ spread. Zone 4.

Nymphaea ‘Black Princess’ (Slocum 1998) – Many consider this one of the darkest flowered waterlilies with its exotic-looking double deep plum cupped flowers. The leaves emerge maroon tinted and fade to deep green as they mature. Fertilize your waterlilies with a tablet (Pondtabbs) once a month from May to August. 18-24″ water depth. 3-4′ spread. Hardy to zone 4.

Nymphaea ‘Pearl of the Pool’ (Slocum 1946) – This cross of Nymphaea ‘Pink Opal’ and N. ‘Marliacea Rosea’ was the first waterlily to be patented in the United States. It features abundant 5 to 6″ wide blooms of a clear bright pink that have a nice fragrance. It is quite floriferous when grown in large aquatic containers. 15-24″ water depth. 4-5′ spread. Hardy to zone 4.

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