David Austin’s English Roses II

Rosa ‘Constance Spry’ (syn. AUSfirst, AUStance) – (‘Belle Isis’ (gallica) x ‘Dainty Maid’ (floribunda))- The first of the English roses bred by David Austin in 1961. It features large cupped blooms of pink with a strong myrrh fragrance and is once blooming. She can be trained as a climber or large shrub.Grows 12′ as climber and 6′ high by 6′ wide as a shrub. AGM. Zone 5.

Rosa ‘William Shakespeare 2000’ (syn. AUSromeo) (seedling x ‘The Dark Lady’ (AUSbloom)) – Probably one of the best deep red English Roses, this cultivar features velvety dark crimson blooms that take on a rich purple tinge as they age. The flowers unfold to a broad quartered form and have an old rose fragrance. Good disease resistance. Grows 4′ high by 3′ wide. Zone 5.

Rosa ‘Mayor of Casterbridge’ (syn. AUSbrid) (‘Charles Austin’ x seedling) – This 1997 introduction can be a little hard to find these days but is well worth looking for. It features fully double cupped flowers of pale pink with a light old rose fragrance (and a hint of fruit). It repeat blooms throughout the summer and can be trained as an 8′ climber. Grows 4-5′ high by 3′ (shrub). Zone 5.

Rosa ‘Winchester Cathedral’ (syn. AUScat, ‘White Mary Rose’) (sport of Rosa ‘Mary’, which is rose-pink) – Named after the English cathedral, this rose bears white flowers (often with a hint of cream or pale pink in the center) throughout the summer (from July to September) in small clusters. It has a mild old rose fragrance. Grows 4′ high by 4′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

Rosa ‘Charles Austin’ (syn. AUSfather, AUSles) (‘Chaucer’ x ‘Aloha’, modern climber) – A beautiful English Rose with 4″ wide flowers of apricot (often with a hint of pink) aging to to a rich coppery-orange. These have a wonderful strong fruit fragrance and repeat bloom. It is best pruned in late winter or just as the Forsythia blooms in coastal BC. Grows 5′ high by 4′ wide. Zone 5.

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