Winter Squash / Cucurbita

Cucurbita maxima ‘Red Kuri’ – A Japanese winter squash with deep orange to reddish skin (with golden streaking) and creamy-yellow non-stringy flesh with chestnut overtones. The fruits are teardrop-shaped and average 4-7 pounds each with about 2 to 3 squash per vine. Also known as Onion Squash and ‘Orange Hokkaido’. Matures in 90 to 100 days.

Cucurbita moschata ‘Early Butternut’ – This AAS winner is a hybrid winter squash with tan coloured fruits that have a blocky pear shape with thin tender skin. The thick deep orange flesh (with a small seed cavity) is sweet with a nutty flavour and good for soups and oven-roasting. They form compact semi-bush plants with 10-12″ long squash. Matures in 90 days.

Cucurbita maxima ‘Blue Ballet’ – This is essentially a smaller version of the ‘Blue Hubbard’ squash with teardrop-shaped smooth-skinned bluish-grey fruits that are lightly ribbed. It has sweet bright orange flesh that is not stringy, with one 4-6 pound squash feeding 4 people. These store well and average 2 to 3 fruits per vine. Matures in 95 days.

Cucurbita pepo ‘Delicata’ – An heirloom squash introduced sometime in the 1890’s. It features oblong-shaped fruits with creamy-yellow skin and ribs that are accented in dark green. The light orange flesh is somewhat sweet potato flavoured while the tough skin makes it ideal for baking whole and storing (lasts up to 6 months). Matures in 95-100 days.

Cucurbita maxima ‘Turks Turban’ – A highly ornamental squash with turban-shaped fruits and reddish-orange skin with white and olive green highlights. While often used in Thanksgiving displays the golden-orange flesh is good for baking and eating. This heirloom squash predates the 1820’s and averages 10-12″ in diameter (about 3-5 pounds). Matures in 90-100 days.

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