Zonal Geraniums / Pelargonium x hortorum

Pelargonium x hortorum ‘ROCKY MOUNTAIN Salmon’ – This member of the Rocky Mountain Series features uniform plants with large rounded flower clusters of salmon-pink. These are contrasted by circular mid-green leaves with your typical dark central zonal ring. A good choice for a showy solitary container planting. Grows 14″ high by 12″ wide. Hardy to zone 9.

Pelargonium x hortorum ‘PATRIOT Cherry Rose’ – The intense magenta to deep rose-pink flowers of this cultivar really stand out well at a distance and are borne above deep green foliage. The Patriot Series of geraniums are earlier blooming, heat resistant and more tolerant of adverse weather conditions. Deadhead the spent flowers. Grows 12-18″ high by 16-24″ wide. Zone 9.

Pelargonium x hortorum ‘CANDY White Splash’ (syn’ Raspberry Ice’) – This zonal geranium features beautiful semi-double florets of milky-white with a central rose-pink blush that are produced from late spring into autumn. These are accented by the dark bluish-green foliage. Zonal geraniums prefer part to full sun with good soil drainage. Grows 12-18″ high by 16″ wide. Zone 9.

Pelargonium x hortorum ‘MAESTRO Pink Parfait’ – This 2008 introduction bears bicolor blooms of deep pink with a magenta eye, contrasted by mid green foliage. Zonal geraniums can be overwintered as potted houseplants in a sunny window or you can take cuttings of your favourite plants and start rooting these 2 months before the first frosts. Grows 12-18″ high by 16″. Z9.

Pelargonium x ‘Calliope Dark Red’ – This Proven Winners Pelargonium is the first of its kind and is actually a cross of a zonal and ivy geranium. This is how they were able to produce such intense red flowers not normally found in zonal geraniums. It has a dense spreading habit making it ideal for hanging baskets and containers. Grows 12-14″ high by 16-20″ wide. Zone 9.

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