Fragrant Roses

Rosa ‘Perfume Delight’ (Swim & Weeks 1973) (‘Peace’ x ([‘Happiness’ x ‘Chrysler Imperial’] x ‘El Capitan’))- This heavily scented hybrid tea rose was an AARS winner back in 1974. It features 5″ wide blooms (30-35 petals) of a rich purplish-pink with strong damask fragrance and glossy deep green foliage. Good cut flower. Grows 4′ high by 3′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

Rosa ‘Oklahoma’ (Swim & Weeks 1964) (‘Chrysler Imperial’ x ‘Charles Mallerin’) – One of the most fragrant hybrid tea roses available and so popular that is was designated the official state flower of Oklahoma in 2004. It bears 5″ wide fully double blooms of a rich burgundy red that open slowly and have a strong old rose fragrance. Grows 4-8′ high by 4′ wide. Hardy to zone 6.

Rosa MEMOIRE (syn. ‘KORzuri’, ‘Ice Cream’) ( Kordes 1992) – This European bred hybrid tea rose features large (4.25″ wide) long-lasting creamy-white flowers that repeat bloom throughout the season. It won the Belfast Gold Medal in 1994 and the blooms also have good rain tolerance. MEMOIRE has glossy dark green foliage. Grows 3-4′ high by 3′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

Rosa SCENTIMENTAL (syn. ‘WEKplapep’) (Carruth 1997) (‘Playboy’ x ‘Peppermint Twist’) – This was the first striped rose to win an AARS award and features rose red blooms (4″ wide) with white striping. These have a strong damask fragrance and are borne in clustered bunches. This floribunda has glossy deep green foliage. Grows 3-4′ high by 3.5′ wide. Hardy to zone 6.

Rosa EBB TIDE (syn. ‘WEKsmopur’, ‘Purple Eden’) (Carruth 2001) ([‘Sweet Chariot’ x ‘Blue Nile] x ‘Stephen’s Big Purple) x ([‘International Herald Tribune’ x R. soulieana hybrid] x [‘Sweet Chariot’ x ‘Blue Nile’]) – This floribunda rose features deep smokey-purple clustered blooms with a strong spice or clove fragrance. Grows 3-4′ high and wide. Hardy to zone 5.

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One Response to Fragrant Roses

  1. Joe Owens says:

    I am always jealous of people who successfully produce such beautiful blooms from roses. We have tried many varieties and in spite of our considerable knowledge in the area of horticulture we have never enjoyed the pleasure of blooms such as the ones you share with us in this post. Nice job!

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