Christmas Door Swags

swag1 (298x300)‘Christmas Cheer’  This inviting Christmas door swag started off with a base of three Noble Fir branches, which are long-lasting and not prone to drying out or shedding. I layered in two golden sprigs from a Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Crippsii’ as well as three cuts of dwarf Redtwig Dogood and a pair of Winterberry stems. A rustic broom ornament and red bow complete the overall look.

swag2 (288x300)‘Classic Silver & Gold’ – This swag plays gold-variegated foliage off that of silvery-blue, starting out with a solitary Blue Spruce bough. I layered two stems of Scot’s Pine (Pinus sylvestris) and a pair of Golden Hinoki Cypress over the spruce to add a little depth. The finishing touches included two gold-edged English Holly branches and a red berry ornament, topped with a golden bow.

swag5 (300x299)‘For the Birds’ – This very simple bird-themed swag begins with about five branches of graceful White Pine (Pinus strobus) which will emit a beautiful scent as you open and close the door. Four stems of Yellow-Twig Dogwood were threaded in for contrast, as well as a solitary branch of Winterberry placed in the center. Red plastic feathers, a clip-on bird and bow finish the look.

swag4 (296x300)‘Country Elegance’ – Nothing really competes with the understated elegance of these silvery Blue Spruce boughs (three of them) which serve as the base. Three stems of Yellow-Twig Dogwood and gold variegated holly (‘Golden van Tol’) add subtle highlights that don’t detract from the spruce. A few Ponderosa pine cones and a dark green & gold velvet bow finish things off.

swag3 (293x300)‘Big and Beautiful’ – For those of you with larger doors I created this broad swag with a base of three substantial Blue Spruce branches wired together. I threaded five longer stems of a variegated Redtwig Dogwood (Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima’) so that they protruded below the spruce. A generous sprig of Winterberry glows at the center, with a gold bow topping things off.

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