A Poinsettia Sampler

poinrubyforst (300x300)Euphorbia pulcherrima ‘Ruby Frost’ (Syngenta) – A newer poinsettia introduction with uniquely toothed bracts (or flower petals) of white with contrasting ruby red veins, margins and highlights – giving an overall pink appearance. When choosing a poinsettia, pick one that is well-branched with rich green foliage and no fallen leaves, as the latter is a stress symptom.

poinmirawhite (298x300)Euphorbia pulcherrima ‘Mira White’ (Syngenta) – This poinsettia with creamy-white flowers (and minimal green veining on upper bracts) won best new introduction at the LTO awards in Holland in 2010. It has an upright growth habit and requires fewer inputs when being grown, so it is an excellent plant choice for the environmentally conscious. ‘Mira White’ can also be painted.

poinmarsmarbleEuphorbia pulcherrima ‘Mars Marble’ (Fischer USA) – This is a novelty-type poinsettia with showy bracts of cream with irregular inset blotches of soft pink along the midrib. ‘Mars Marble’ is a great compliment to both ‘Mars Pink’ and ‘Mars White’ – with the three of them making an attractive Tricolour poinsettia when they are combined together.

poinchristmasday (300x297)Euphorbia pulcherrima ‘Christmas Day Red’ (Selecta) – Although the name says it all, this poinsettia features very large pointed deep red bracts that are borne on sturdy stems, with well branched plants. The true yellow flowers (cyathia) in the center are also quite prominent. Poinsettias are best placed in bright light with no hot or cold drafts and a day temperature of 65-70F.

poinmonet (300x291)Euphorbia pulcherrima ‘Monet Twilight’ (Paul Ecke Ranch) – This designer poinsettia features unusual creamy bracts that are speckled in red, deepening in colour as the flower ages. Water your poinsettias (using tepid water) whenever the surface of the soil feels dry and give it enough so that it drains out the bottom, but make sure that any excess moisture in the tray is removed.

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