Christmas Wreath Decoration Options

wreath07 (300x298)‘All Around’ – This large prefabricated wreath has mixed greens of Red Cedar (Thuja plicata), White Pine and Pacific Silver Fir (Abies amabilis) – in fact, all of the wreaths displayed here are ready to deocrate, so I’m just going to leave you with a few inspirations. Three generous sprigs of golden variegated holly brighten the base, while a pair of Norway Spruce cones flank the sides and a large red bow picks up the holly berry colour.

wreath04 (300x296)‘Asymmetrical Display’ – While silver may seem a little garish to some, when used to the exclusion of other colours it can prove to be quite elegant. Here we are using the same mixed greens wreath as above with an asymmetrical cluster of silver poinsettias on the upper right and a few spray-painted pine cones on the lower left -with a silver sequin bow finishing the display.

wreath02 (300x294)‘Clustered Decor’ – You don’t always have to cover the entire wreath with decorations to make it attractive and the clustered decor on this wreath proves it. A large red mesh bow still allows the contrast of the green foliage to show through and this is nicely accented with four spruce cones radiating from it. A pair of crabapple sprigs emerge from the cones, emphasizing the red.

wreath03 (300x299)‘Top & Bottom’ – A gold and red striped bow at the top center anchors this wreath, and is flanked on both sides by Christmas ball clusters of the same colours. Gold butterflies are wired in just below these, keeping the top half well balanced. A gap of about a third is left on the lower middle section, with another butterfly placed at the base and three stems of gold ting weaved in.

wreath08 (294x300)‘Top Cascade’ – Sometimes less is more, as evidenced by this very simplistic yet effective wreath display which has only two elements. A pair of generous berried Ilex aquifolium ‘Golden van Tol’ sprigs anchor the base, while an unusual red cloth bow with chenille tails wraps around the top of the wreath. These tails are nicely threaded through the foliage of mixed greens.

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