Mexican Orange (Choisya) & Deutzia

choisyatern (300x299)Choisya ternata – Mexican Orange is a rounded broadleaf evergreen shrub with glossy dark green leaflets held in groups of three. This RHS Award of Garden Merit winner bears fragrant (orange blossom scented) round clusters of white flowers in late spring, with a repeat bloom in late summer. Shelter from cold winter winds. Grows 4-6′ high and wide. Hardy to zone 7.

choicyagoldfinger (300x293)Choisya x GOLDFINGER (syn. Choisya x dewitteana ‘Limo’, GOLDFINGERS) – This shrub very much resembles ‘Aztec Pearl’ with its thin lance-shaped leaflets, except that it has chartreuse foliage. It prefers a full sun exposure and protection from cold winter winds. The scented white flowers emerge in late spring and summer. Grows 4 to 6′ high and wide. Hardy to zone 8.

choisyaaztecpearl (2) (298x300)Choisya x ‘Aztec Pearl’ (syn. Choisya x dewitteana) – This hybrid of C. ternata and C. arizonica has two bloom flushes, one in May-June and the other around September- October. The fragrant white flowers emerge from pink buds and are nicely contrasted by glossy green foliage with thin strap-like leaflets. Grows 6 to 7′ high and wide. Hardy to zone 8.

choisya (297x300)Choisya ternata ‘Sundance’ – This golden-leaved broadleaf evergreen really stands out with its waxy, almost artificial looking foliage. ‘Sundance’ Mexican Orange grows as a rounded shrub and prefers part to full sun. It blooms less frequently than the species, with fragrant white flowers in late spring and again towards the end of summer. Grows 4-6′ high and wide. Hardy to zone 7.

deutziagracilis (293x300)Deutzia gracilis -Slender Deutzia is a smaller deciduous shrub native to Japan. It produces fragrant bell-shaped white flowers borne in loose racemes (that are about 3″ long) from April to May. These are nicely contrasted by bright green foliage that forms a dense mound but requires regular rejuvenation pruning (after flowering). Grows 3′ high and wide. Hardy to zone 5.

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