Trees with Interesting Foliage

cornusrainbow (298x300)Cornus florida ‘Rainbow’ – A dwarf form of Eastern Flowering Dogwood with 4-petaled white bracts from April to May. The primary attraction is the brightly variegated foliage of green leaves with creamy-yellow margins that shift to a vibrant rose-red in the fall. Like most Dogwood trees it requires good soil drainage. Grows 10-12′ high by 8-10′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

fagusdawgold (300x293)Fagus sylvatica ‘Dawyck Gold’ – This columnar or fastigate form of European Beech is an Award of Garden Merit winner with new foliage that emerges a lustrous bright chartreuse that matures to lime green, with yellow to bronze autumn tones. It is a good choice to plant in front of green belts and features attractive smooth grey bark. Grows 45-60′ high by 15-22′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

albizzia1 (300x293)Albizzia julibrissin ‘Summer Chocolate’ – A exotic-looking deciduous tree commonly known as Mimosa, it features bronze-purple fern-like compound foliage that fits right in with any tropical themed landscape. In summer it bears silky pink-tipped powder-puff blooms that attract butterflies. Requires a sunny sheltered site. Grows 20′ high by 15′ wide. Hardy to zone 7.

cornussummergold (295x300)Cornus kousa ‘Summer Gold’ – An upright growing Korean Dogwood with tapered green foliage generously edged in a bright golden-yellow, taking on pink highlights by late summer and shifting to rose-red autumn tones. It bears abundant 4-petaled star-like white flowers (or bracts) from late May to early June. Grows 8 to 10′ high by 5 to 8′ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

fagusroseo (300x290)Fagus sylvatica ‘Roseomarginata’ (syn. ‘Purpurea Tricolor’, ‘Tricolor’) – This variegated European Beech is a great choice as a specimen or accent tree. It was introduced back in the 1880’s, is slower growing than the species and features purple (greenish-purple in part sun) foliage with pink edges and occasional pinkish-white stripes. Grows 40′ high by 30′ wide. Zone 5.

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