Trillium / Wake-Robin

012 (288x300)Trillium albidum – The Sweet Trillium or Giant Wake-Robin is a native of the Pacific Northwest and produces sessile white flowers (in spring) with a rose-like fragrance just above the foliage. The green leaves may have subtle dark green to brown mottling and this species often forms multi-stem clumps. Prefers an open shade exposure. Grows 18″ high by 16-24″ wide. Hardy to zone 5.

011 (299x300)Trillium erectum – The Purple Trillium or ‘Stinking Benjamin’ is a native of eastern North America and gets its common name from the fact that the blooms smell like wet dog. It produces dark reddish-purple (occasionally white) flowers above green sepals that are purple-tinted. The three green leaves are stalkless, growing right off the stem. Grows 12 to 20″ high. Zone 4.

trilliumovatum (296x300)Trillium ovatum – Pacific Wake-Robin or Western White Trillium is a common native of coastal BC forests and is often found growing with Achlys triphylla (Vanilla-Leaf) and Dicentra formosa.¬†The flowers are produced from March to May and open white, fading to light pink and occasionally a wine purple. Green foliage without mottling. Grows 12-2o” high. Hardy to zone 5.

trilchoropetalum (291x300)Trillium chloropetalum – This robust growing species from California is another sessile-type with blooms (fragrant) of greenish-white or dark purple that open right on top of the leaves. The variable foliage is usually deep green with dark green to purplish-brown mottling. It is commonly known as Giant Wake-Robin. Summer dormant. Grows 16-18″ high. Zone 6.

001 (299x300)Trillium simile – The Jeweled Wake-Robin bears distinctive creamy-white flowers with elegant pointed petals (and green sepals) and a contrasting violet-purple ovary in the center. These are fragrant and borne from March to April in the southeast United States where they are native. The foliage is mid green with no mottling. Grows 12 to 18″ high. Hardy to zone 5.

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