Woodland Perennials IV

begonia (300x291)Begonia grandis (syn. B. grandis subsp. evansiana) – A hardy but herbaceous begonia that is native to China and Japan with heavily veined asymmetrical olive to pale green leaves (4″ long) with reddish veining on the reverse. It produces fragrant pale pink to white flowers from July to autumn and is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Mulch in cold regions. Grows 24″ high. Z6.

disporum (300x298)Disporopsis undulata – This rare perennial looks like a miniature evergreen Solomon’s Seal that spreads slowly. It bears scented white bells (from May to June) that are yellow inside with purple speckles and are followed by light violet berries. The green stems also have some pale purple specks or mottling. Grows 6 to 8″ high. Hardy to zone 7.

heucherellaredstonefalls (300x284)x Heucherella ‘Redstone Falls’ – A groundcover Heucherella with large-sized leaves (due to the Heuchera villosa breeding) of autumn tones including copper, gold, reds and browns. It produces tiny white starry blooms on wiry stems from June to September and looks beautiful in containers as it trails heavily. Best in part sun. Grows 10-15″ high by 36″ wide. Zone 4.

hostaprayinghands (291x300)Hosta ‘Praying Hands’ – A unique Hosta  with folded dark green ribbed leaves (resembling hands clasped in prayer) finely edged in creamy-white to gold. It bears pale lavender flowers on 18″ high stalks in August. ‘Praying Hands’ was Hosta of the year in 2011 and looks superb when grown in tapered containers given its unique form. Grows 14-16″ high by 12-16″ wide. Zone 3.

007 (300x290)Erythronium americanum – The Yellow Dogtooth Violet or Trout Lily is native to eastern United States and prefers open shade. It produces solitary nodding pale yellow flowers (somewhat resembling a lily) in April over twin green basal leaves that are heavily mottled in purplish-brown. This bulbous perennial naturalizes well. Grows 3-6″ high by 4″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

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One Response to Woodland Perennials IV

  1. I love hardy begonias. The cuttings root easily and they make a pretty little plant!

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