Giant Dutch Crocus / Crocus vernus

crocuspick (291x300)Crocus vernus ‘Pickwick’ – The distinct striped flowers of this cultivar combine a near-white to pale lavender petal veined in a darker lilac tone. It blooms in the garden from March to April and looks best when the corms are planted in generous clumps or undulating drifts. ‘Pickwick’ naturalizes well and grows up to 4 to 6″ high. Hardy to zone 3.

crocus (296x300)Crocus vernus ‘Remembrance’ – This violet-purple Giant Dutch Crocus (introduced in 1925) grows 4 to 6″ high and blooms in early spring. It can be easily forced but requires a 12 to 15 week chilling period (35-48F), during which time it should be kept in the dark and not exposed to sunlight. It pairs well with either ‘Pickwick’ or ‘Yellow Mammoth’. Hardy to zone 3.

crocusyellow (283x300)Crocus vernus ‘Yellow Mammoth’ – Giant Dutch Crocus is generally planted in the fall for blooms the following March to April. The large, bright yellow flowers usually have a hint of purple veining at the base and they open up with the sunlight, closing at night. The grass-like green foliage has a contrasting white stripe down the center. Grows 4 to 6″ high. Hardy to zone 3.

crocuspurple (292x300)Crocus vernus ‘Flower Record’ – An extremely attractive crocus with a satiny dark purple sheen on the outside and a pale white throat that is visible when the flowers open. It blooms from March to April (flowering period will vary with winter temperatures) and it naturalizes well as long as the foliage is allowed to die back before being cut. Grows 4 to 6″ high. Hardy to zone 3.

crocuswhite (300x292)Crocus vernus ‘Peter Pan’ – The pure white blooms (often with faint purple striping) of ‘Peter Pan’ really stand out well in our often stark spring gardens. It flowers from March to April and will attract some of the early native pollinators and bees. The pristine blooms also contrast well against the dark green (with central white stripe) foliage. Grows 4-6″ high. Hardy to zone 3.

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    Useful post, thank you

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