Tulips IV / Tulipa

tulipbkuewow2 (293x300)Tulipa ‘Blue Wow’ (Double Late Tulip) – This was a new introduction for fall 2012 and when the flowers came up the following spring, they didn’t disappoint. It produced fragrant double purple blooms (with a hint of green on the outside) that were about 4″ wide on average. ‘Blue Wow’ also makes an excellent cut flower for the vase. Grows 16″ high. Hardy to zone 3.

tulipakebono2 (299x300)Tulipa ‘Akebono’ (Double Late Tulip) – This tulip comes to us from Japan (introduced 2007)  and is a sport of the Darwin tulip ‘Jewel of Spring’. It features fragrant pale yellow flower heads (up to 4″ across) with subtle red highlights (often with a thin red picotee). The outer petals are greenish, giving it the appearance of a Parrot tulip. Grows to 20″+ high. Hardy to zone 3.

tulipmondial (300x299)Tulipa ‘Mondial’ (Double Early Tulip) – This double early tulip blooms from April to May and was introduced back in 1997. ‘Mondial’ bears pure white double blooms that are lightly fragrant and resemble a small peony when fully open. It makes a long-lasting cut flower and works well in containers. Prefers part to full sun. Grows 12″ high. Hardy to zone 3.

tulipyellowwave (300x288)Tulipa ‘Yellow Wave’ (Darwin Hybrid Tulip) – This sport of ‘Golden Oxford’ was introduced in 2005 and features broad green leaves that are boldly streaked (along the length) in creamy yellow, making it the perfect foil for the large bright yellow flowers which can open up to 5-7″ wide. The variegation really stands out on those dull spring days. Grows 16-18″+ high. Hardy to zone 3.

tuliporangeemperor (300x291)Tulipa ‘Orange Emperor’ (Fosteriana Tulip) – ‘Orange Emperor’ is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner and it also naturalizes quite well in the garden. It features beautiful bright orange flowers with a stripe of yellow at the base of each petal. This early spring bloomer also tolerates the windy, wet weather with its strong stems. Grows to 16″ high. Hardy to zone 3.

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