Muscari / Grape Hyacinth

muscariwhite (300x298)Muscari aucheri ‘White Magic’ – A beautiful addition to any Alba Garden with spires of tightly packed pure white bells (looking like a cluster of pearls) emerging from greenish-yellow buds from April to May. These fragrant flowers make great cut flowers for tiny bouquets and it also naturalizes quite well. Lance-shaped mid green foliage. Grows 4 to 6″ high. Hardy to zone 4.

muscari2 (300x290)Muscari armeniacum – The most common and vigorous (some might say invasive) of the Grape Hyacinths, it is nonetheless one of the best species to naturalize and looks absolutely fabulous planted at the base of deep orange deciduous azaleas. It features bright violet-blue flower clusters (with subtle white mouths) in April. Plant about 3″ deep. Grows 8″ high. Hardy to zone 4.

muscarigoldenfragrance (300x293)Muscari macrocarpum ‘Golden Fragrance’ (syn. Muscari moschatum var. flavum) – A new twist on the traditional blue and purple Grape Hyacinths – ‘Golden Fragrance’ features fleshy golden-yellow fragrant flowers with a few tinted purple towards the top of the cluster. It blooms in April and is considered deer resistant. Grows 8″ high. Hardy to zone 6 (z5 with a mulch).

muscari (300x290)Muscari latifolium – This two-toned Grape Hyacinth bears clusters of fragrant bell-shaped blooms which are a deep violet-purple at the base and a paler mid blue towards the top (these are sterile). The flowers are borne over coarse lance-shaped leaves and it naturalizes well through self-seeding and bulb offsets. Best in part to full sun. Grows 8″ high. Hardy to zone 4.

muscarimthood (300x288)Muscari aucheri ‘Mt. Hood’ (syn. Muscari lingulatum) – This paler version of Grape Hyacinth features tightly packed clusters of sky blue flowers (often with a white rim) topped with paler, near white flowers towards the top, which are sterile. This fragrant species is native to Turkey and both naturalizes well and is deer resistant. Grows 4-8″ high. Hardy to zone 4.

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