Sweet Alyssum / Lobularia

alyalluredeeppurple (300x299)Lobularia maritima ‘Allure Deep Purple’ (syn. Alyssum maritimum) – This member of the Allure Series bears sweetly fragrant pastel purple blooms for most of the summer. It is best grown in part to full sun exposures as an edging plant or a container accent. Sweet Alyssum is a good choice to attract beneficial insects. Grows 2-4″ high by 8-12″ wide. Annual.

alyfrostyknight (299x300)Lobularia x FROSTY KNIGHT (syn. ‘INLBUPRIPR’) – This hybrid Alyssum bears the traditional pure white fragrant flower clusters from late spring through to fall, with no deadheading necessary. What makes FROSTY KNIGHT unique is the linear green foliage that is beautifully variegated with thin gold margins. Heat tolerant. Grows 4-6″ high by 18″ wide. Hardy to zone 9.

alyeasterbonnet (300x289)Lobularia maritima ‘Easter Bonnet (Pastel) Mix’ – (syn. Alyssum maritimum) – This mix of pastel tone purple, rose, white and lavender flowers is quite early blooming, generally lasting until early autumn. The colours blend together rather nicely, creating a beautiful tapestry when mass planted. Combine with white or pink wax begonias. Grows 4-6″ high by 10-12″ wide. Annual.

alyclearcrystalwhite (300x292)Lobularia maritima ‘Crystal Clear White’ (syn. Alyssum maritimum) – A tetraploid Sweet Alyssum with larger flower clusters and better vigor than traditional Lobularia. As the name implies, ‘Crystal Clear White’ bears fragrant snow-white flowers with a greenish eye from mid spring through to fall. Easily grown from seed. Grows 6-10″ high by 12-14″ wide. Annual.

alywonderlandlavender (300x295)Lobularia maritima ‘WONDERLAND Lavender’ (syn. Alyssum maritimum) – This Sweet Alyssum features clear pale lavender blooms which smother the fine greyish-green foliage below for much of the summer and into early autumn. The flowers are sweetly fragrant and a good choice to edge mixed borders and attract butterflies. Grows 4″ high by 10″ wide. Annual.

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