Clematis V

clemwalterpennel (300x292)Clematis ‘Walter Pennell’ (Pennell 1961) – This cross of ‘Vyvyan Pennell’ and ‘Daniel Deronda’ bears large 6-8″ wide blooms of mauve-pink (with a hint of violet when opening) from May to June, followed by single flowers from late August into September with a more prominent carmine bar. Best grown in part to full sun. Grows 8-12′ high. Pruning Group B. Hardy to zone 4.

clemvancouverseabreeze (300x295)Clematis ‘VANCOUVER Sea Breeze’ (Clearview 2012) – A local introduction by Clearview Horticulture which features 4 to 5″ wide silvery-lavender single wavy-edged blooms (often with a hint of rose) with contrasting golden stamens. It flowers from late spring through to fall and its short stature makes it ideal for containers. Grows 5-7′ high. Pruning Group B. Hardy to zone 4.

clemvioletelizabeth (300x297)Clematis ‘Violet Elizabeth’ (Pennell 1962) – A cross of ‘Vyvyan Pennell’ and ‘Mrs. Spencer Castle’ which bears 6″ wide mauve-pink double blooms in May and June, followed by single (and occasionally double) flowers in late summer, usually September. It thrives in part to full sun and was named after Violet Smith. Grows 8-12′ high. Pruning Group B. Zone 4.

clemalaina (300x293)Clematis ALAINA (syn. ‘Evipo56′) (Evison 2012) – This member of Boulevard Collection is a compact patio-type which bears large single blooms of a rich pink (which fade as they mature) with a darker bar and contrasting yellow stamens. It flowers from early summer to early autumn (with a midsummer break). Good for containers. Grows 4-5’ high. Pruning Group B or C. Zone 4.

clemjosephine (289x300)Clematis JOSEPHINE (syn. ‘Evijohill’) (Hill 1998) – A truly spectacular Clematis with dense double blooms of lilac-pink with a darker bar, and a prominent ruffled center. This RHS Award of Garden Merit winner produces its double flowers from June to September and they look beautiful even when partially open. Good in containers. Grows 6-8′ high. Pruning Group B. Zone 4.

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