nemsupernesiabrightred (300x291)Nemesia fruticans ‘SUPERNESIA Bright Red’ (syn. Nemesia caerulea) – This heat tolerant Nemesia cultivar bears bright brick red flowers (from June to September) with a sharply contrasting yellow throat and a dusky rose reverse. Nemesia prefers even soil moisture (without being waterlogged), so don’t allow them to get dry. Grows 12-16″ high by 10-14″ wide. Hardy to zone 9.

nemnesiawhiteshell (299x300)Nemesia fruticans ‘NESIA White Shell’ – The Snapdragon-like fragrant white blooms (each accented with a yellow throat) are held on upright clusters and will attract butterflies. These are borne from June to September over glossy dark green lance-shaped foliage (with serrated edges) that has a mounding growth habit. Grows 14-16″ high by 10-12″ wide. Hardy to zone 9.

nemhoneydarkblue (300x290)Nemesia fruticans ‘HONEY Dark Blue’ (syn. Nemesia caerulea) – This cultivar of Nemesia is a good choice for hanging baskets and containers, with deep violet-blue Snapdragon-like flowers (accented  with a pale yellow throat) that bloom from May to September. Where hardy, Nemesia may be grown as a perennial but is often treated as an annual. Grows 10″ high by 12″. Zone 9.

nemsupernesiayellow (300x298)Nemesia fruticans ‘SUPERNESIA Yellow’ (syn. Nemesia caerulea) -Another heat tolerant Nemesia with very large bright yellow blooms accented with a white-rimmed purple patch on the throat. It flowers from May to September and prefers moderately fertile soil (use a balanced liquid fertilizer) and a full sun exposure. Grows 12-16″ high by 10-14″ wide. Hardy to zone 9.

nemsupernesiabrightpink (290x300)Nemesia fruticans ‘SUPERNESIA Bright Pink’ (syn. Nemesia caerulea) – This Nemesia bears cheerful clear pink blooms (with subtle darker veining) and a pale yellow throat held in terminal racemes from May to September. You should delay your spring planting until all danger of frost has passed, as this South African native likes its heat. Grows 12-16″ high by 10-14″ wide. Zone 9.

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