Cream-Flowered Rhododendrons

rhodorosamundi (300x299)Rhododendron ‘Rosamundi’ (syn. ‘Rosa Mundi’) (Rhododendron caucasicum hybrid) – A very early blooming hybrid (often starting late January to early February in mild weather) with small trusses of pale blush pink with cream throats, usually flowering a week after ‘Christmas Cheer’. Bred by Standish & Noble in 1860. Grows 5′ high by 5-6′ wide. Zone 7.

rhodomrsbettyrobinson (300x284)Rhododendron ‘Mrs. Betty Robertson’ (syn. ‘Mrs. Betty Robinson’) (‘Mrs. Lindsay Smith’ x R. campylocarpum hybrid) – Bred by Koster and Sons in 1920, this old hybrid bears trusses of funnel-shaped pale yellow flowers (with a hint of pink) that fade to cream. These are further accented with contrasting red blotches. Blooms in May. Grows 5-6′ high and wide. Hardy to zone 6.

rhodovirginiarichards (299x300)Rhododendron ‘Virginia Richards’ ([R. wardii x ‘F.C.Puddle’] x ‘Mrs. Betty Robertson’) – A  prolific bloomer with abundant trusses of pale apricot and light pink flowers that fade to cream, accented by light reddish-pink spotting. These are borne over bright green leaves that are somewhat prone to powdery mildew with poor air circulation. Grows 6-7′ high and wide. Zone 6.

rhodocreamcrest (300x294)Rhododendron ‘Cream Crest’ (Rhododendron rupicola var. chryseum x ‘Clipinense’) – This semi-dwarf rhododendron opens to the palest of creamy yellow and fades to cream, usually flowering from April to May. The blooms are nicely contrasted  by the tapered dark green foliage. Grows in both part to full sun with even soil moisture.  Grows 3′ high by 3-4′ wide. Hardy to zone 6.

rhodounique (300x296)Rhododendron ‘Unique’ (Rhododendron campylocarpum hybrid) – This 1934 introduction lives up to its name with pointed pink buds that open to rounded trusses of pale creamy-yellow flowers (often with a hint of orange) that fade to a creamy-white. The 3″ long rounded deep green leaves form a dense crown that shows the blooms off well. Grows 4-6′ high and wide. Hardy to zone 6.

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