German Bearded Iris II / Iris germanica

iriscinnamongirl (300x296)Iris germanica ‘Cinnamon Girl’ (Schreiner 1987) – An unusual German Bearded Iris with rosy-brown standards and a butter yellow base, accented by pale cream falls with a rosy-cinnamon plicata. It flowers from May to June and makes an excellent cut flower. Established plants should have the roots topdressed with compost in spring. Grows 30-36″ high by 15-18″ wide. Zone 3.

irispennylane (300x298)Iris germanica ‘Penny Lane’ (Laver 1999) – A cheerful display of coppery-orange standards and falls with a bright tangerine beard in the center of it all. It is a fragrant re-blooming type and prefers part to full sun exposures (paler colors fade with too much sun) with good soil drainage. Regular division every 3-5 years is important to maintain vigor. Grows 34″ high by 15-18″. Zone 3.

irislordjeff (300x298)Iris germanica ‘Lord Jeff’ (Waite 1978) – This quintessential German Bearded Iris produces dark violet standards and falls with a purple beard showing a hint of yellow. It is a cross of ‘Grand Alliance’ and ‘Sterling Silver’ and like most Iris germanica should be divided after flowering, discarding any older portions of soft rhizomes. Grows 36 to 40″ high by 18 to 24″ wide. Zone 3.

irisbluechippink (300x289)Iris germanica ‘Blue Chip Pink’ (Niswonger 1989) – An unusual German Bearded Iris with subtle pink standards and falls showing undertones of violet-blue, accented with a blue beard with a hint of tangerine. ‘Blue Chip Pink’ is a fragrant re-bloomer and a good choice for cut flowers. Plant with the top of the rhizome exposed in heavy soils. Grows 35″ high by 15-18″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

irisindianchief (300x289)Iris germanica ‘Indian Chief’ (Ayres 1929) – An old variety with unusual light pink standards set above burgundy-red falls with a prominent yellow beard. When dividing German Bearded Iris, dig the clump up and wash the rhizome clear of soil, cutting the leaves back to one third. Replant strong rhizomes with a good fan of foliage and healthy roots. Grows 35″ high by 18″ wide. Zone 3.

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