Hanging Basket Options

calceogoldenmystery (300x293)Calceolaria integrifolia (syn. Calceolaria rugosa) – The Pocketbook Plant is a common sight in hanging baskets, with this species being native to Chile and Argentina. The compact cultivar shown is ‘Golden Mystery’ (grows 8″+ high) and like the species bears clusters of inflated bright yellow flowers that look great with dark purple petunias. Species grows 4-6′ where hardy. Zone 8.

diasciamorningmistrel (300x287)Diascia ‘Morning Mist Dark Orange’ – This cultivar of Twinspur is a good choice to add a shot of bright orange to mixed hanging baskets. ‘Morning Mist Dark Orange’ blooms from late April through to September and features larger individual flowers than most Diascia, borne over lightly serrated lance-shaped green foliage. Grows 8-12″ high by 18-24″ wide. Annual in coastal BC.

petredfoxqueenbee (300x295)Petunia x hybrida RED FOX ‘Queen Bee’ – A newer Petunia hybrid that really lives up to her name with a profusion of velvety burgundy-red blooms highlighted with a crisp yellow star. This one is so floriferous and easy to grow that it makes a great solitary hanging basket planting. Prefers part to full sun with even soil moisture. Grows 12-14″ high and wide. Annual in coastal BC.

lobeliahottiger (300x298)Lobelia erinus ‘Hot Tiger’ (syn. ‘Hot Tiger Bicolor Blue/White) – Part of the Hot Series of heat-tolerant bedding Lobelia which is in prime blooming form from May through to August. ‘Hot Tiger’ bears unusual cascading bicolor flowers of sky blue with a prominent white eye and darker indigo blotches, set against fine green foliage. Grows 8-12″ high by 20″ wide. Hardy to zone 9.

superbellslemonslice (300x296)Calibrachoa SUPERBELLS ‘Lemon Slice’ – The newest member of Proven Winner’s SUPERBELLS Series features bicolor beach umbrella blooms of neon yellow and white from late spring to the first frosts. These are nicely contrasted by the bright green foliage, with an overall appearance of a miniature petunia. Self-cleaning. Grows 6-10″ high by 12-24″ wide. Hardy to zone 9.

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2 Responses to Hanging Basket Options

  1. Karen Walter says:

    Several years ago I bought the RED FOX Queen Bee and LOVED IT!!!! Now, I can’t find it any where. I have looked for it for the last 3 years. Can you tell me where I can buy them? I live in SW lower Michigan. Your help would be very much appreciated.

    • Karen,
      Unfortunately many of the propagation companies discontinue varieties within one to two years, and are always trying to improve on them with constant breeding. I would try contacting the local wholesale nursery that distributes the RED FOX line. I hope this helps. Cheers. Mike

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