Rambler Roses

roseamericanpillar (294x300)Rosa ‘American Pillar’ (Van Fleet 1902) ([R. wichurana x R. setigera] x seedling) – A once-blooming rambler with masses of single carmine-pink flowers (about 2.25″ wide) accented with a white eye and golden stamens. These are borne over glossy deep green foliage in late spring or early summer. Will tolerate partial shade. Grows 13 to 15 feet high. Hardy to zone 5.

rosabobbiejames (294x300)Rosa ‘Bobbie James’ (Sunningdale Nursery 1961) (hybrid wichurana) – This RHS Award of Garden Merit winner features large clusters of creamy-white semi-double flowers (that are highly fragrant) in early summer. It is once-blooming with individual flowers being about 2″ wide. Great for training over garden sheds. Grows 20-30′ high. Hardy to zone 5.

rosasoaringflight (300x288)Rosa SOARING FLIGHT – A hard to find repeat-blooming modern rambler rose that was introduced in 1996. It features large 3-inch wide semi-double to double lightly fragrant blooms of salmon-pink with gold to apricot centers – flowering continually into autumn. These are borne over deep green, disease resistant foliage. Grows 12 to 15′ high. Hardy to zone 5.

rosaghislanedefeligonde (300x288)Rosa ‘Ghislane de Feligonde’ (Turbat & Compagnie 1916) (‘Goldfinch’ x seedling) – Apricot buds open to musk scented creamy flowers (with a hint of pink in cooler weather) starting in June-July and repeating occasionally through to autumn. She is nearly thornless and is shorter in stature. Healthy mid green foliage. Grows 8-10 feet high. Hardy to zone 6.

rosaveichenblau (300x297)Rosa ‘Veilchenblau’ (syn. ‘Violet Blue’, ‘Blue Rambler’, ‘Blue Rosalie’) (Schmidt 1909) ( ‘Crimson Pirate’ x ‘Souvenir de Brod’) – A must-have rambler with clusters of semi-double deep magenta blooms (with a white eye) fading to dark violet, with a sweet fruity citrus scent. It is once-blooming  and colours better in partial shade. RHS Award of Garden Merit. Grows 12-15′. Zone 5.

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One Response to Rambler Roses

  1. Lela Kurtz says:

    We should start a club. You are the only third person I know who has Soaring Flight. I found one person on Dave’s Garden. It is such a wonderful rose.. Grows with very little care. It takes up half the side of my house. The bush is always in bloom. I had called “Heirloom Roses” to see about getting another one and they said they are not sure they are going to sale it again. I was lucky enough to find one in my garden that I had put in a pot and forgotten about and when I planted it, it turned out to be Soaring Flight.. I was so afraid it would be another Altissimo because I have come of across several of those that were planted somewhere they weren’t happy. Would much rather have another Soaring Flight.. So I am happy to have another one. Anyway just wanted to say that we are some of the few with this great under appreciated rose. Have a great day. Lela Kurtz

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