fuchsiadeeppurple (300x287)Fuchsia ‘Deep Purple’ (Garrett 1989) – A trailing form with huge blooms of recurved white (to the palest of pink) sepals and a ruffled double purple corolla. It blooms continually from late spring through to the hard frosts in autumn. ‘Deep Purple’ makes a spectacular hanging basket specimen with its pendulous form. Grows 12″ high by 16-18″ wide. Hardy to zone 9.

fuchsiaedenrock2 (296x300)Fuchsia ‘Eden Rock’ (Mitchinsin 1886) – This upright bush-form fuchsia has nicely contrasting pinkish-red sepals and a semi-double corolla of violet-blue that fades to magenta. It is floriferous (blooming spring through to fall) and will occasionally overwinter outdoors in a sheltered site. Good in small to medium sized containers. Grows 12-24″ high by 24″ wide. Zone 8.

fuchsiaflyingcloud (300x293)Fuchsia ‘Flying Cloud’ (Reiter 1949) – As the name implies, this trailing variety makes for an impressive hanging basket in shade to part shade exposures. It features large blooms of pink-flushed white sepals (often with pale green tips) and a double corolla, which contrast nicely against the dark green foliage. Can be trained to standard form. Grows 20-24″ high and wide. Zone 9.

fuchsiabeaconred (300x290)Fuchsia ‘Beacon Red’ – An upright or bush form with abundant pendulous blooms of cherry red sepals and a single reddish-pink corolla. ‘Beacon Red’ flowers from late spring through to the hard frosts and should be overwintered in a frost-free greenhouse. It is a good choice to use in-ground as a feature plant in mixed shade borders. Grows 18-24″ high and wide. Hardy to zone 9.

fuchsialacampanella (300x294)Fuchsia ‘La Campanella’ (Blackwell 1968) – An RHS Award of Garden Merit winner with pendulous flowers of white to pink-tinged sepals and a deep violet (becoming lighter with age) semi-double corolla. ‘La Campanella’ is a self-branching trailing form and makes a superb hanging basket specimen. Abundant smaller blooms. Grows 18″ high and wide. Hardy to zone 9.

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