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clemmonfragrantspring (300x277)Clematis montana ‘Fragrant Spring’ – A floriferous Clematis with masses of fragrant 3″ wide single clear pink flowers (with pale yellow stamens) from May to early June. These are borne over finely-cut deep green leaves that are tinged reddish-purple when they first emerge. Pruning Group A – prune after flowering. Grows 15-20′ high. Hardy to zone 6.

solanumcrispumglasnevin (297x300)Solanum crispum ‘Glasnevin’ (syn. ‘Autumnale’) – The Chilean Potato Vine is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner which bears fragrant lilac-purple flowers (with bright yellow centers) from early summer through to autumn. It is a semi-evergreen climbing shrub that prefers a full sun exposure with good soil drainage. Grows to 12’+ high. Hardy to zone 8.

lonicerahenryi (300x299)Lonicera henryi – A useful but hard to find Honeysuckle species (native to China) that is reliably evergreen in coastal BC. It is a good replacement for the often difficult to grow Clematis armandii and features tapered deep green leaves and early to midsummer reddish-purple blooms with yellow throats. Produces purplish-black berries. Grows 25-30′ high. Hardy to zone 5.

wisissai (300x286)Wisteria x formosa ‘Issai’ (syn. Wisteria floribunda ‘Domino’) – This cross of Wisteria floribunda and W. sinensis bears sweetly fragrant violet-blue and white pea-like flowers (with a yellowish blotch) held in pendulous racemes from late spring into summer, just as or after the leaves emerge. The twining stems gain girth and can damage trellis work. Grows 25-30′ high. Zone 6.

trach (300x293)Trachelospermum jasminoides – Confederate or Star Jasmine is a twining evergreen shrub native to Asia and an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. It features glossy dark green lance-shaped leaves and clusters of fragrant white blooms in summer that fade to cream. It requires a sheltered (from cold winter winds) sunny site in coastal BC. Grows to 15’+ high. Hardy to zone 8.

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