Clematis VI

clemmoonfleet (292x300)Clematis ‘Moonfleet’ (syn. ‘Evipo046’) (Evison/Poulsen 2007) – A truly striking Clematis suitable for growing in containers, ‘Moonfleet’ features 5-7″ wide blooms of pale lilac-pink (aging to pale blue) with a slightly darker bar and purple stamens. These are borne from June to September over deep green foliage. Pruning Group C. Grows 6-8′ high. Hardy to zone 4.

clematisrhapsody (300x277)Clematis ‘Rhapsody’ (Fretwell) – A compact growing Clematis with iridescent sapphire-blue flowers (5-7″ wide) nicely contrasted by creamy-yellow stamens – these will actually darken with age. It is free-flowering and blooms from June through to September. ‘Rhapsody’ is a good choice for smaller urban landscapes. Pruning Group C. Grows 7 to 10′ high. Zone 4.

clemshimmer (297x300)Clematis SHIMMER (syn. ‘Evipo028′) (Evison 2010) – Another beautiful creation from Raymond Evison which features slightly ruffled petals of a deep lilac-blue that fade to pale violet, giving a distinct two-tone effect. These are nicely complimented by pale yellow stamens that are tipped in deep purple. Pruning Group C. Grows 6 to 8’ high. Hardy to zone 4.

clempilu (296x300)Clematis ‘Piilu’ (syn. ‘Little Duckling’) (Kivistik 1984) – This cross of ‘Hagley Hybrid’ and ‘Makhrovyi’ is as cute as its anglicized name with beautiful mauve pink petals and a raspberry bar, contrasted by creamy yellow stamens. These are semi to fully double from May to June, and single in September. Fades a bit in full sun. Pruning Group B. Grows 4 to 6′ high. Hardy to zone 4.

clemetoiledemalicorne (300x297)Clematis ‘Etoile de Malicorne’ (Girault) – A French cultivar which features 6 to 7 inch wide blooms of violet-blue with a pale pink bar, accented with creamy-white stamens that are tipped in reddish-purple. It flowers from late spring to early summer, and again in early fall. ‘Etoile de Malicorne’ is striking when combined with darker purple Clematis. Pruning Group B. 8-10′. Zone 4.

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