Cut Flower Options

hypericumrenu2 (300x289)Hypericum HYPEARLS ‘Renu’ – This hybrid St. John’s Wort shrub features starry yellow blooms in July followed by clusters of cream, maturing to bright pink, berries. The new growth of this cultivar is also red-tinted and both the flower and berry stems make great ornamental cuts. Attracts birds and is rust resistant. Grows 30-36″ high and wide. Hardy to zone 6.

stocks (296x300)Matthiola incana – Scented Stocks are primarily grown as annuals or short-lived perennials with variable (white, pink, purple, rose, violet) single to double blooms possessing a rich spicy fragrance that makes them ideal cut flowers. They prefer a full sun exposure with fertile but well-drained soil. Easy to grow from seed. Height (12-30″) and width (10-12″) varies with variety. Z7.

alliumcaeruleum (297x300)Allium caeruleum (syn. Allium azureum) – This flowering onion is a bulbous perennial (look for the bulbs in autumn) with spherical blooms (about 1″ wide) of a bright sky blue that emerge on rigid stems in early summer. It is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner whose leaves wither as it comes into flowering. Naturalizes well. Grows 12-24″ high. Hardy to zone 4.

irisensatavariegata (297x300)Iris ensata ‘Variegata’ – The best thing about the Variegated Japanese Iris is that even if you do decide to cut all the elegant purple flowers (with yellow highlights) for the vase, there’s still some beautiful cream-edged variegated foliage for you to enjoy. This RHS Award of Garden Merit winner blooms in early summer and requires even soil moisture. Grows 24-30″ high. Zone 4.

alstro (300x293)Alstroemeria aurea ‘Lutea’ – This Peruvian Lily produces large clusters of multiple golden-yellow blooms accented with reddish-brown spotting. These are borne in summer on stems with 4″ long pale green leaves. Alstroemeria make excellent long-lasting (about 2 weeks) cut flowers and are grown from rhizome-like tubers. Grows 2-3′ high by 18″. Zone 7.

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