Hosta VIII / Plantain Lily

hostasunpower (294x300)Hosta ‘Sun Power’ (Aden 1986) – A large sun-tolerant gold-leaved Hosta which colours better with more light, but still shows quite well in shaded gardens. It bears pale lavender flowers on 40″ tall scapes in midsummer and will attract hummingbirds. This is a great choice to plant in one of those contrasting blue Vietnamese ceramic pots. Grows 24-28″ high by 48″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

hostakrossacreamedge (300x290)Hosta ‘Krossa Cream Edge’ (Krossa/Ruh 1997) – A smaller edging Hosta suitable for using in the foreground of a woodland garden or near the side of a path. It features mid green leaves with a fine cream (fading to white) edges and pale lavender flowers in summer. ‘Krossa Cream Edge’ prefers part to full shade and even soil moisture. Grows 10″ high by 20″ wide. Zone 3.

hostafresh (292x300)Hosta ‘Fresh’ (Aden) – Another dwarf Hosta suitable for edging or accenting mixed shade planters. This sport of ‘Amy Aden’ features wavy-edged greenish-yellow leaves with irregular thin white margins and lavender flowers in July. Hosta are long-lived perennials and may be divided in the spring or fall. Grows 6 to 8″ high by 8 to 12″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

hostawidebrim (293x300)Hosta ‘Wide Brim’ (Aden 1979) – The corrugated deep green leaves are broadly edged in a creamy-yellow and form a symmetrical dense mound. It features funnel-shaped, pale lavender flowers borne on 24″ high scapes. ‘Wide Brim’ tolerates full shade to part sun and has good resistance to slugs. Grows 16″ high by 24-36″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

hostaaugustmoon (299x300)Hosta ‘August Moon’ (Langfelder/Summers 1996) – Another sun tolerant Hosta which colours a bit brighter with more exposure to light. It features gold to chartreuse tapered foliage and bell-shaped pale lavender blooms from mid to late summer. ‘August Moon’ is often overlooked at the garden centre because the leaves have faded to green. Grows 20″ high by 36″. Z3.

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