Pyracantha / Firethorn

pyrasaphyryellow300Pyracantha SAPHYR YELLOW (syn. SAPHYR JAUNE, ‘Cadaune’) – An evergreen shrub with thorned stems that are useful to train on chain-link fences to act as a climbing deterrent. It produces clusters of white flowers from late spring to early summer, followed by bright yellow berries. This French introduction is disease resistant. Grows 10′ high. Zone 6.

pyrasaphyrred (300x292)Pyracantha SAPHYR RED (syn. SAPHYR ROUGE, ‘Cadrou’) – This cross of ‘Shawnee’ and P. atalantioides ‘Mozart’ is an Award of Garden Merit winner and can be trained into shrub or hedge form. It has glossy deep green foliage, white flowers and persistent red berries. Resistant to both scab and fire blight. Grows 12′ high by 9′ wide. Hardy to zone 6.

pyraorangeglow (300x285)Pyracantha ‘Orange Glow’ – This RHS Award of Garden Merit winner features your typical sprays of white flowers followed by dense clusters of bright orange berries that are much favoured by the birds. The spiny stems hold small deep green leaves and grow between 1-2′ a year on average. This Dutch introduction hails from the 1930’s. Grows 9′ high by 12′ wide. Hardy to zone 7.

pyragolden (298x300)Pyracantha ‘Golden Charmer’ (syn. ‘Yellow Charmer’) – A cross of Pyracantha coccinea and P. rogersiana that produced two forms, an orange-berried and a golden-yellow one, with the latter being named ‘Golden Charmer’. It is quite drought tolerant once established and the fruit often persists because this colour is not favoured by the birds. AGM. Grows 8-10′ high. Hardy to zone 6.

pyracanthalowboy (300x286)Pyracantha coccinea ‘Lowboy’ – A groundcover or shrub-type Firethorn which can be maintained at knee height. It has glossy evergreen foliage and white flowers in late spring, followed by showy reddish-orange berries. Vine weevils may prove to be a problem with this cultivar, as evidenced by the notched leaves in the photo. Grows 2-3′ high by 6-8′ wide. Hardy to zone 6.

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4 Responses to Pyracantha / Firethorn

  1. They are a favorite here in The South.

  2. Patty McEwen says:

    Where can Pyracantha SAPHYR JAUNE Cadaune be purchased in the u.s?

    • Patty,
      I’m not sure quite, as plants are not generally sold in a country until the rights are secured. All the suppliers I see online are French, UK or Canadian – so perhaps the cultivar is not yet available in the US. I hope this helps. Cheers. Mike

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