Foliage Shrubs

prunusetna (300x296)Prunus laurocerasus ETNA (syn. ‘Anbri’) – A dwarf form of English Laurel that can be grown as a solitary specimen plant or trained as an evergreen hedge. The new growth is an attractive bronzy-orange, maturing to the typical glossy bright green. With light pruning, fragrant white flowers are produced. Dense, self branching growth habit. Grows 6-8′ high by 4-5′ wide. Z6.

physoamberjubilee (300x288)Physocarpus opulifolius AMBER JUBILEE – This showy cultivar of Ninebark was named in honour of Queen Elizabeth’s 2012 Diamond Jubilee. It is a cross of ‘Diabolo’ and ‘Dart’s Gold’ that produces yellow and coppery-orange new growth that matures to lime green. Rounded white flowers are followed by reddish-purple seeds. Purplish autumn tones. Grows 5-6′ high with pruning. Z2.

nandinafilamentosa (300x278)Nandina domestica ‘Filamentosa’ (syn. ‘San Gabriel’, ‘Kirajuse’) – A fine-textured Heavenly Bamboo with thread-like leaves that emerge red-tinted, shifting to lime green in summer and a bronze-purple in colder weather. This cultivar originates in Japan and while I have yet to see it in flower, it apparently produces white flowers followed by red berries. Grows 2-3′ high. Z6.

cotinusroyalcloak (300x294)Cotinus coggygria ‘Velvet Cloak’ – A typical Smokebush with reddish-purple rounded leaves that turn a vivid reddish-orange to wine red in the fall. It bears billows of smoke-like rosy-pink flowers in early summer, hence the common name. These can be trained as a large bush or a small tree form. Deciduous in nature. Grows 8-12′ high and wide (depending on pruning). Z5.

ligustrumlemonsandlimes (300x289)Ligustrum ovalifolium LEMON AND LIME –  A golden-leaved Privet that is semi-evergreen or deciduous in nature, with leaves flushing a bright chartreuse, maturing to lime green. It makes a fine hedge and will produce panicles of white flowers when lightly pruned. Grows much slower than the species. Takes on apricot tones in winter. Grows 5-6′ high (depending on pruning). Z5.

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5 Responses to Foliage Shrubs

  1. Christian Naethuys says:

    Hi Mike,
    I live In Holland and a month ago found three Ligustrum seedlings growing about 1.5 meters from my Ligustrum Hedge. Wat amazes me is that all three are yellow, a lemon yellow. What do you think of that, have i found something new?
    Best Regards

    • Christian,
      You have probably found some chance seedlings which may be worth something. First I would check online to see if there are any similar Ligustrum cultivars, if not I would pot them up to see how strong they are for disease resistance, growth and sun scorch over the long term. Perhaps later you could approach a shrub nursery to see if they are interested in what you have found. Cheers. Mike

      • Christian Naethuys says:

        Thanks Mike. I have checked around and the only other sort I could find was Lemon and Lime. This sort alternates beteween the two colours and Ligustrum Vicaryi which has dark yellow leaves. That’s it is seems. Do you know of anyone that is busy with Ligusters, I could not find anyone here in Holland?

  2. Christian,
    Try as they seem to be actively looking for new plant introductions. Cheers. Mike

  3. Christian Naethuys says:

    Hi Mike,
    Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks,,, I´m gonna look them up..

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