Dessert or Eating Apples

applekarmijndesonnaville (300x287)Malus x domestica ‘Karmijn de Sonnaville’ – This Dutch hybrid was introduced in 1971 and is a cross of ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’ and ‘Jonathan’ – so it’s no surprise that it has superb flavour (once stored for a month). The fruit is also quite sweet and used to make cider. It is a triploid and cannot be used for pollination. Harvest early October. Stores for 5 months. Hardy to zone 4.

applekiddsorangered (300x289)Malus x domestica ‘Kidd’s Orange Red’ (syn. ‘Doctor Kidd’s Orange Red’) – This heritage apple from New Zealand was introduced in 1924 and is a cross of ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’ and ‘Delicious’. It is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner and one of the parents of ‘Gala’. Some consider it more tasty than ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’. Harvest early Oct. Stores 4 months. Zone 5.

applefujiredsport (288x300)Malus x domestica ‘Fuji Red Sport’ (syn. ‘Fuji Red Sport Type 2’) – This mutation or sport of ‘Fuji’ has more pronounced red skin than the parent. The original ‘Fuji’ is a 1962 introduction that was a cross of ‘Ralls Janet’ and ‘Delicious’. It has a crisp texture with sweet, juicy flesh that is light cream in colour. Less cold hardy. Harvest in late October. Stores for 6 months. Hardy to zone 6.

applegrimesgolden (300x271)Malus x domestica ‘Grimes Golden’ – An heirloom apple that was discovered as a chance seedling in West Virginia before 1800. Many believe it to be a parent of ‘Golden Delicious’ and it has a similar sweet, tangy flavour. ‘Grimes Golden’ is also a popular apple to brew hard cider due to its high sugar content. Harvest in early October. Stores for 5 months. Hardy to zone 5.

applesonata (298x300)Malus x domestica SONATA (syn. ‘Pinova’, ‘Pinata’, ‘Corail’) – A complex cross of ‘Golden Delicious’, ‘Cox’s Orange Pippin’ and ‘Duchess of Oldenburg’ that has produced an apple with a nice balance of tartness and sugar. It has a long storage life and was originally bred in Germany. Resistant to both scab and mildew. Harvest mid October. Stores 6-7 months. Hardy to zone 5.

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