Hosta IX / Plantain Lily

hostapizzazz (291x300)Hosta ‘Pizzazz’ (Aden 1986) – This slug-resistant cultivar has large, heavily veined leaves that are greenish-blue with pale yellow margins. A floriferous display of white flowers borne on 28″ scapes emerges in midsummer. The younger or juvenile foliage is occasionally cup-shaped and holds the dew nicely. Grows 20″ high by 48″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

hostaannkulpa (289x300)Hosta ‘Ann Kulpa’ (Kulpa 1999) –  A vigorous cultivar (which should be divided regularly) with corrugated deep green leaves and a golden-yellow central blotch that matures to a creamy-white. Pale lavender blooms borne on 28″ scapes are produced in midsummer. The petioles are ivory-coloured with some green streaking. Grows 20″ high by 24″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

hostablueflame (290x300)Hosta ‘Blue Flame’ (Naylor Creek Nursery 2004) – This sport of ‘Fragrant Blue’ is sun tolerant in coastal BC and features tapered, powdery-blue foliage with thin yellow (fading to cream) margins. The near-white, lightly fragrant blooms are borne in August on 16″ high scapes. Very similar in appearance to ‘Secret Love’. Grows 15-18″ high by 24″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

hostaloyalist (297x300)Hosta ‘Loyalist’ (Van Eijk-Bos / Falstad 1998) – A colourful sport of ‘Patriot’ with intricate leaves of deep green with inset variegation of creamy-white with some lime margins. It produces pale lavender trumpet-shaped flowers on 20″ cream-coloured scapes. This cultivar really brightens those heavily shaded gardens. Grows 18″ high by 24″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

hostasugardaddy (295x300)Hosta ‘Sugar Daddy’ (Zilis 2003) – This sport of Hosta ‘Big Daddy’ features heavily corrugated, thick powdery-blue leaves that are slightly cupped and edged in yellow that fades to cream. It bears near-white blooms in early summer on 30″ high scapes. ‘Sugar Daddy’ is also quite slug resistant. Grows 20″ high by 36″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

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