Climbing & Rambler Roses

rosamermaid (297x300)Rosa ‘Mermaid’ (syn. ‘The Mermaid’) (William Paul and Son, before 1917)(Rosa bracteata ‘JC Wendl’ x Tea rose) – A classic but slightly tender climber with large (5″ wide) five-petaled pale yellow flowers with modest fragrance, borne throughout the season. It has strong growth and  semi-glossy foliage. Somewhat prone to mildew. Grows 15-25′ tall. Hardy to zone 7.

rosanightowl (293x300)Rosa NIGHT OWL (syn. ‘WEKpurosot’)(Carruth 2005) ([‘International Herald Tribune’ x Rosa soulieana ‘Crepin’ seedling] x [‘Sweet Chariot’ x ‘Blue Nile’] x ‘Rosy Outlook’) – A very disease resistant climber with 4″ wide blooms of deep wine-red with contrasting yellow stamens. It has a moderate sweet spice fragrance. Grows 10-14′ tall. Hardy to zone 6.

rosalongjohnsilver (295x300)Rosa ‘Long John Silver’ (Horvath 1934)(Rosa setigera ‘Michaux’ seedling x ‘Sunburst’) – This rambler rose is once-blooming in late spring or early summer with clusters of dense (up to 50 petals) white flowers that have a nice musky fragrance. The blooms are large (4″) for a rambler and it is also extremely hardy and disease resistant. Grows 16-20′ tall. Hardy to zone 2.

rosaclcandyland (289x300)Rosa CANDY LAND (syn. ‘WEKrosopela’) (Carruth 2006) (‘Rosy Outlook’ x ‘Pretty Lady’) – An unusual climber with 4″ wide double blooms of rosy-pink with irregular creamy-yellow striping. It has modest fragrance and glossy apple green foliage. CANDY LAND is relatively hardy, disease resistant and is also a repeat bloomer. Grows 12-15′ tall. Hardy to zone 5.

rosebrendacolvin (294x300)Rosa filipes ‘Brenda Colvin’ (Colvin 1970) (Lineage unknown) – This rambler rose was introduced by Sunningdale Nursery of the UK and has been compared to ‘Kiftsgate’. It bears clusters of highly fragrant  semi-double soft pink flowers that fade to white in late spring to early summer. It is somewhat shade tolerant but is only once-blooming. Grows 18′ tall. Hardy to zone 6.

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