Dahlias III

dahliamysticfantasy2 (300x284)Dahlia x hybrida ‘Mystic Fantasy’ (syn. ‘Hawaiian Dreams’) (Bronze-Leaf Type) – A Dr. Keith Hammett variety with single blossoms of peachy-pink with a yellow halo and a raspberry eye, all set around a dark center. These are beautifully accented by the glossy mahogany-black foliage when grown in full sun. 50-100 blooms per season. Grows 24-30″ high by 18-24″. Zone 9.

dahfigaroredshades (299x300)Dahlia x hybrida ‘FIGARO Red Shades’ (Rigoletto Type) – A seed grown variety which is often offered in the bedding plant section of your local nursery. It features variable shades of deep red semi-double to fully double blooms with a yellow center. ‘FIGARO Red Shades’ flowers throughout summer and into fall when deadheaded. Grows 14-18″ high by 10-12″ wide. Frost Tender.

dahliamysticdreamer (300x292)Dahlia x hybrida ‘Mystic Dreamer’ (syn. ‘Zone 10’) (Bronze-Leaf Type) – Another New Zealand introduction from the Mystic Series with single blooms bearing pink petals with white edges, a raspberry eye and golden stamens. The plants are well-branched and feature striking dark burgundy-black foliage. Excellent cut flower. Grows 28-32″ high by 20-26″ wide. Hardy to zone 9.

dahladydarlene (300x287)Dahlia x hybrida ‘Lady Darlene’ (Decorative Dahlia) – This 1984 introduction from Grimm features large (up to 6″ wide) balled flowers with golden-yellow petals that are edged in a fiery red. The long-lasting blooms make ideal cut flowers and are produced all summer long with deadheading. A good choice for growing in a large container. Grows 32-36″ high by 30″ wide. Frost Tender.

dahlia mystic (295x300)Dahlia x hybrida ‘Mystic Illumination’ (syn. ‘Knockout’) (Bronze Leaf Type) – Probably the best of the Mystic Series with bright yellow blooms and a golden center that beautifully contrast the dark mahogany to black foliage. It is an RHS Award of Garden Merit winner and can be overwintered by mulching the tubers in mild regions. Grows 28-32″ high by 20-26″ wide. Zone 9.

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One Response to Dahlias III

  1. acuriousgal says:

    I’m waiting for my Dahlias to bloom

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