Low-Growing Sedums

sedumcauticola (300x294)Sedum cautiola – A highly attractive foliage perennial with rounded bluish-grey leaves that often have rose to burgundy highlights around the edges. This native of Japan is herbaceous in nature and features purplish-pink flowers in early autumn that fade to a carmine-red. It is quite drought tolerant once established. Grows 2-3″ high by 10-12″ wide. Zone 5.

sedumbluespruce (299x300)Sedum reflexum ‘Blue Spruce’ (syn. Sedum rupestre) – A lovely evergreen groundcover with bluish-green needle-like foliage that much resembles its namesake. It bears contrasting yellow flowers on short stems in summer. ‘Blue Spruce’ is very easy to propagate as each broken stem piece will root when simply stuck back in the ground. Grows 5″ high by 18″+ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

sedumkamvarie (300x292)Sedum kamtschaticum ‘Variegatum’ – This is probably one of the best variegated groundcover sedums, as the cream-edged leaves (with some pink highlights) are not prone to reversion. It bears yellow flowers in midsummer , emerging from reddish-pink buds. This native of Russia is tolerates poor sandy soils and drought. Grows 6-8″ high by 10″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

sedummojave (300x295)Sedum ‘Mojave’ – A Tried and True introduction which features attractive rounded glossy green leaves that somewhat resemble Jade Plant, with contrasting reddish-pink edges and stems. It produces showy chartreuse-green flowers during the summer. ‘Mojave’ makes a beautiful solitary container specimen or rock garden feature. Grows 2″ high by 12-18″ wide. Zone 5.

sedumkamchat (300x297)Sedum kamtschaticum – Kamchatka Sedum in a native of Russia and since it thrives in Siberia, you know that it’s extremely cold hardy. The deep green leaves are spoon-shaped and coarsely toothed – these are often smothered by the golden-yellow flowers that are borne midsummer. The foliage is generally herbaceous in nature. Grows 4-6″ high by 12-18″ wide. Hardy to zone 3.

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One Response to Low-Growing Sedums

  1. acuriousgal says:

    I think I have the blue spruce sedum growing in my garden, Mike. How it got there, you got me!! Although it also looks like moss roses but it has no blooms…I’ll have to post a pic.

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