Unusual Fruits

cydonialeborgeot (294x300)Cydonia oblonga ‘Le Borgeot’ (syn. ‘ Meech’s Prolific’) – This heirloom cultivar is self-fertile and features fragrant yellow pear-shaped fruit covered in fuzz that is not palatable in its raw state. That said, it makes excellent jelly and is often added to roast pork dishes. The fruit ripens in early October and the tree also features white to pale pink blooms. Grows 12-15′ high and wide. Zone 5.

grapezifandel (298x300)Vitis vinifera ‘Zinfandel’ (syn. ‘Crljenak’, ‘Black Peter’) – This standard wine grape has deep purple fruit clusters (when fully ripe) which usually have a high sugar content – it is often used for fresh eating, juice and wine. In California it is primarily grown for rose wines. Like most grapes it prefers full sun and good soil drainage. Long-lived (up to 50 years). Grows 10-20′. Zone 7.

persimmonfuyu (300x299)Diospyros kaki ‘Fuyu’ – A self-fertile Japanese Persimmon with 3-4″ wide tomato-like fruits which turn bright orange in fall as they ripen. It is a popular non-astringent variety and is commonly found in supermarkets. The new foliage emerges a lime-green and darkens by summer, shifting again to gold and red in autumn. Grows 20-30′ high and wide. Hardy to zone 7.

pearclappsfavorite (300x284)Pyrus communis ‘Clapp’s Favorite’ – An heirloom pear (introduced in the US before 1860) with greenish-yellow fruits with a red blush that ripen from September to October. It is good for fresh eating or cooking, but does not store well. ‘Clapp’s Favorite’ requires cross-pollination (use ‘Conference’) and is a cross of ‘Flemish Beauty’ and ‘Bartlett’. 12-15′ high. Zone 5.

watermelonsugarbaby (300x297)Citrullus lanatus ‘Sugar Baby’ – An older (1959) but reliable variety for our often unpredictable coastal BC summers, this watermelon produces small 6-8″ wide round melons with a thin rind, red flesh and small seeds. It matures in about 76-82 days and is ideal for smaller gardens or even large containers if grown with care. Plant seeds when soil is warm. Grows about 4′ wide.

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