Pumpkins & Squash

pumpkinbigmax (300x290)Cucurbita pepo ‘Howden’ – This is probably the Halloween pumpkin that you buy from those big bins in front of the supermarket. ‘Howden’ produces 20-25 lb. pumpkins with ribbed, rich orange skin and sturdy handles. It is also a good storing pumpkin and has thick solid flesh for pies. The seeds are excellent for roasting. Matures in 115 days.

squashpinkbanana (300x295)Cucurbita maxima ‘Pink Banana’ – An heirloom squash with elongated 18-24″ fruits that have a unique pinkish-orange skin and deep orange flesh. It is a versatile vegetable that can be baked into pies or cooked as a traditional squash side dish. The vines average about 15′ long, so you will need to leave plenty of room in your garden for this one. Matures in 100 days.

squashorangesummerkuri (285x300)Cucurbita maxima ‘Orange Summer Kuri’ – A Japanese Butternut squash with deep reddish-orange skin and bright orange flesh. It is tolerant of germinating  in our often cool springs, so it is a good choice for coastal BC gardens. The large vines each produce 2-3 fruits weighing 5-10 lbs. each, with foliage that is somewhat resistant to downy mildew. Matures in 95 days.

squashcarnival (300x293)Cucurbita pepo ‘Carnival’ – This hybrid winter squash has small ribbed fruits with mottled green, yellow and orange skin that doubles as  Thanksgiving decor. It has an acorn-like shape with smooth golden-yellow flesh that stores well and has a nutty flavour. The vines average 6-9′ wide and the fruits are often borne near the crown. Matures in 95 days.

pumpkinlittleoctobersmallsugar (292x300)Cucurbita pepo ‘Small Sugar’ – A miniature pumpkin that looks great when hollowed out and used as a vase for a seasonal Thanksgiving flower arrangement. The fruits are usually around 7″ in diameter and they can also be made into a tiny Jack-O-Lanterns. ‘Small Sugar’ has sweet flavoured flesh when cooked and can be used for making pies. Matures in 110 days.

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